Google Home Hub Smart Display Review

Огляд розумного дисплея Google Home Hub

Google Home Hub Smart Display is one the best smart displays on the market. The latest technology news indicate that the era of smart home with application of modern technologies and gadgets of the future is approaching. 

A variety of smart devices and gadgets helps us to control our home. And Google Home Hub smart display assists you in that difficult mission.

Google Home Hub review

The Google Home Hub resembles a 7-inch tablet with a built-in stand and a speaker. 

The smart display is used to control the smart home world and to display video content. Built-in Google Assistant can help you to communicate with your voice, make touch screen commands, or combine both.

The Google Home Hub smart display is much smaller than its competitor, the Amazon Echo Show. It is much cheaper and there’s no built-in camera, so don’t worry about your privacy.

Though it also means – no video calls. 

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A review of the Google Home Hub smart display shows that the company offers to sacrifice convenience for greater personal security. 

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Google Home Hub Smart Display Review

Google has substancially improved over the last few years, and with the absorbtion of Nest, has added controls for doorbells, cameras, thermostats, smoke signals and other home ecosystem devices. All this can be controlled through the Google Home Hub. 

Where to buy: Google Store 

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