ASUS ZENBO Junior robot – new smart home assistant

ASUS officially unveiled the new Asus Zenbo Junior robot. This is your new smart assistant, an analogue of a smart display (such as Google Home Hub) that can become the command center of your smart home. The difference is that he moves and is pretty. The latest technologies need to be not only smart:)  

What is ASUS ZANBO Junior robot?

The Zenbo Junior presentation took place in Malaysia and was followed by the slogan “Your smart business partner”. In the press release, a clear focus is placed on the scope of work in business and education spheres.

ASUS ZENBO Junior robot - new smart home  assistant

The size of the Asus Zenbo Junior is half the size of the original Zenbo. Zenbo Junior is much lighter – 2.75 kg compared to Zenbo – 10 kg.

It is noted that Zenbo Junior comes with a 2D camera, not the 3D camera that is in the older model.

As mentioned, ASUS sees the main areas of use for Zenbo Junior – business and education. To this end, ASUS has improved its development tools to simplify its programming.

What can Asus Zenbo Junior robot do?

Main Features:

– performs the role of daily organizer, draws up schedules of the day, reminds the user of scheduled events;

– recognizes human speech and answers the questions;

– takes pictures, records videos;

– plays music;

– acts as a smart home management point.

Zenbo Junior boasts an impressive array of sensors that provide a wide range of artificial intelligence, including linear sensor, drop sensor, touch, color infrared (CIR) and solar sensor. 

What can Asus Zenbo Junior robot do?

A short demonstration video from ASUS shows that the robot was smart enough to detect when it was approaching the edge of the table or about to collide with another Zenbo and changing course to avoid a collision. To further interact with the environment, Zenbo Junior has a 13-megapixel camera and an array of four microphones that can listen to voice commands.


ASUS is also working to extend the functionality of Zenbo as a platform, with a new management console.


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