What profession should I choose: Jobs of the Future

нові професії та перспективні професії майбутнього

What are the important professions of the future? What profession should I choose to find jobs easily in the digital age? New research lists the skills that prospective job seekers need to possess.

KPMG presented a study that explores the in-demand professions of the future and foresees a significant transformation of existing jobs. 

The study states that there will be a shift in perceptions of some stereotypical jobs, such as computer programmers, which will become more popular.

What profession should I choose: Future is approaching

In-demand professions of the future and entrepreneurship

Enterprise culture. 

The introduction of new technologies will help to increase the level of entrepreneurship growth. This will have a positive effect on the economy. 

Smaller, more agile businesses will be the main drivers and creators of new values. 

But such a profession as courier may completely disappear.

Why is big data important?

In-demand professions of the future and entrepreneurship

When you are asking yourself a question “what profession should I choose?”, you should be aware that while the digital revolution will create new business models, the top jobs of the future will be a kind of transformations of the “jobs that exist today”. 

The changes will affect all types of jobs, even those that are not in the technological field. 

New tools and new ways of communication will affect all professions of the future, whether you are a teacher, doctor, or photographer.

What to study: what are the top professions of the future? 

The demanded professions of the future will include such modern professions as educators and social workers. The top professions of the future will include social services, where the role of a human will remain irreplaceable.  

The role of personal services will also increase, and it means bright prospects for such in-demand professions as beauty therapists, medical workers and fitness instructors.

What profession should I choose

Technocrats are highly skilled and well-paid science workers.  

So who should you go to study if you are a techie? 

The spectrum of the top professions of the future will include electrical engineers, medical researchers and entrepreneurs.

The future technocrat will be able to carry out international activities through high-speed broadband connections, and thus collaborate, develop and commercialize his research project.

What to study: what are the top professions of the future?

Professional specialists are the workers who maintain systems and deliver results: accountants, dentists, urban planners, and teachers. 

These areas will also be among the professions of the future. A future specialist, such as a doctor, will do most of their work remotely and use technology to diagnose and treat patients.   

Working professions will be also in need in the future. Skilled workers are always important. 

No matter how automated our society is, there will be a demand for waiters. 

The prospective worker will use technology to create new ways to communicate with customers, order materials, assign work, and process payments.

What profession should I choose: Jobs of the Future - Creative industry

Creative professions.

Stylist, social media specialist, photographer and yoga instructor are the creative professions that can use new technologies to get inspiration, instantly connect with customers and seamlessly transfer large amounts of data.

When you ask the question “what profession should I choose?” you certainly understand that to get good job in the future you have to study new profession today! 

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