What is Tesla Bot: new humanoid robot

Що таке Tesla Bot? Нове дітище Ілона Маска (Photo: NewsWeek)

Find out what is Tesla Bot and what characteristics will have a new Elon Musk invention. Tesla Bot – meet robot-humanoid.  

What is Tesla Bot ?

General Director of Tesla – Elon Musk in Thursday introduced a humanoid robot under the name Tesla Bot, working on the same artificial intelligence, which is used on autonomous cars of Tesla.            

Unexpected exposure occurred at the end of the presentation the day of artificial intelligence from the Tesla company. Musk has provided a few details about a new invention in a PowerPoint presentation. It is expected, that the robot will weigh 70 kg. and will consist of “lightweight materials”, he said. 

What is Tesla Bot?  (Photo: ZDNet)

How does Tesla Bot work?

The Tesla Bot’s head will be equipped with autopilot cameras, which are used by Tesla vehicles to detect the environment, and will contain a screen for displaying information. Inside it there will be installed a Tesla self-driving computer.     

“It is meant to be friendly ,” Musk joked , “and to navigate a world made for people.”

The emergence of Tesla Bot

The appearence of the invention took place after the 90-minute presentation, which in details described some renovation of artificial intelligence, which directs Tesla electric cars, including the supercomputer Dojo, which helps the autonomous cars moving on the streets of the city without the human assistance.  

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“ It makes sense to put this supercomputer in humanoid form, ” Musk said .  

Three slides in detail described the technical characteristics of the work of the Tesla Bot. In the past, Musk had spoken against the use of robots as weapons and warned of the risks that may bring the AI – calling it “the greatest risk, which we face as a civilization.”             

“We have to take care of the AI” – repeated Musk during the  session of questions and answers after the presentation. “What we ‘re trying to do here , in Tesla – is to create a useful AI, which loves people and which … is definitely good.”  

Robots will change our perception of work0

On one slide Tesla Bot will take care of “dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks” and Musk provided with the example that the robot can be ordered “to go to the store and buy … following products.” Not that this task is particularly dangerous, but you can feel, that it constantly repeats and is extremely boring. 

The emergence of Tesla bot (Photo : Electrek)
The emergence of Tesla bot (Photo : Electrek)

Musk, who is famous for his dark statements about the future of AI, have reflected on the topic of what is Tesla Bot and how it will change the future of our perception of work. “The change, I think, will be deep enough”, he said . “ Basically, in the future, physical work will be a choice for a human. If you want it – do it, but it is not obligatory. ”           

It is difficult to say, how far away from impementation is Tesla Bot – there is a huge gap between the demonstration of PowerPoint slides and creation of working humanoid robot sample.  

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The prototype of the Tesla Bot can already be presented the next year

Probably, it will take a lot of time before you can buy Tesla Bot at the store, but due to Musk’s statement, prototype is likely to be ready the next year.  

“Basically if you think about what we are now doing with the cars – Tesla company, perhaps, is the largest in the world robotics company as our cars are like the robots on wheels”, – said Musk. “That’s thanks to a complete unique computer, […], which will continue to evolve, as well as DoJo and all neural networks, which explore the world, learn to understand how to navigate in it. It makes sense to tranform all this into a humanoid form.”     

What is Tesla Bot’s in terms of its characteristics

It will weigh 60-70 kilograms and have moving speed – 8 kilometers per hour. It’s face will be a screen, displaying important information.

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“In the long time, I believe, it must bring a basic income (for the company)”, – said Musk . “But at the moment the robot is not working”.    

Musk finished with invitation to the engineers “to join our team and to help us – it’s still a lot to do.”

Just remember that Tesla – is not the only company, which produces humanoid robots. Robot Asimo was produced by Honda a decade ago and it is incredibly advanced. The Toyota and GM also have their robots.              

Source : https://techcrunch.com/  

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