What is the largest spider in the world: the huge “birds-eater”

Самый большой паук в мире

What is the largest spider in the world? It has a size of a large plate, it can eat even birds and refers to a subspecies of tarantulas.

Spiders are very difficult to attribute to everyone’s favorite creatures. These creatures cause horror, disgust, or, at worst, curiosity in humans. There are very few true connoisseurs of arachnids, and tarantulas are the best pets for them.

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What is the largest spider in the world?

With these creatures, everything is simple – the biggest, the prettiest and therefore one of the most desirable “animals” in home terrariums is the goliath tarantula or Theraphosa Blondi.  

What is the largest spider in the world: - Theraphosa blondi
What is the largest spider in the world: – Theraphosa blondi

Experts say that Theraphosa Blondi is the largest spider living on Earth today. The dimensions of this arthropod are really impressive – with their legs spread, they can reach 28 centimeters. Moreover, the body size of an adult female is 9–10 cm. 

But what was is largest spider in the world found by scientists?

The largest specimen of the Goliath tarantula was discovered in 1965 in Venezuela by the expedition of Pablo San Martin. The female creature found by scientists, with a length of 28 cm with legs, had a weight of 170 grams! Only the spider Heteropoda maxima found in 2001 in Laos with a leg span of 30 cm can compete with this giant in size. But its Asian counterpart cannot compete with the record holder from South America in body length and weight. 

What is the largest spider in the world: - Theraphosa blondi - offspring

Where does the largest spider in the world live?

The area of ​​Theraphosa Blondi is quite extensive. This giant spider can be found in the tropical and equatorial forests of northern Brazil, Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela. Spiders of this species live in holes dug in the ground. You can find out the dwelling of this arthropod by the dense layer of snow-white cobweb that closes the entrance.

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What do they eat and how do they hunt?

Theraphosa Blondi’s diet consists of large insects, mice, lizards and even small snakes and birds. Usually the spider hunts not far from the entrance to its hole, patiently waiting for the food to come close to the throw distance. The goliath spider and its lifestyle were first described by the French entomologist Latreil in 1804. 

Theraphosa Blondi has a strong enough poison that can kill a mammal the size of a cat. For humans, the bite of a goliath spider does not pose a mortal danger, but it is extremely unpleasant. The neurotoxin it contains causes severe pain and seizures that can last for several days.

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In addition, the abdomen of the spider is covered with hairs that cause severe irritation when in contact with the skin and, moreover, the mucous membrane. The frightened Theraphosa Blondi shakes them off with its paws on the enemy, causing it severe itching and suffocation. Places on the skin of a person where hairs have fallen are covered with burning blisters, as after contact with nettles.

Unfortunately, the largest spider in the world becomes less and less common in nature every year. This is due to the fact that humans are actively destroying the selva – humid forests that are his habitat. In those countries where you can find Theraphosa Blondi, it is protected by law and its export is prohibited by law. In this regard, the largest spider in the world, is a star in every collection and is very rare in captivity.

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Almost all instances of the largest spider in the world exported from the country contraband or derived from such illegally exported parents. By the way, breeding in captivity of Theraphosa Blondi is fraught with serious difficulties, since seasonal and even daily changes in temperature and humidity, as well as absolute rest, are required for the appearance of offspring.  

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