What is a PUK code and where to find it?

Що таке PUK код та де його знайти?

Discover the significance of what is a PUK code, which is a personal unlocking key required by certain networks when you intend to unlock your mobile device.

This may be necessary if you wish to use a different SIM card or switch to a different network. Alternatively, if you’ve mistakenly entered an incorrect PIN code multiple times, you’ll need a PUK code to unlock your SIM card and restore its functionality.

Within this guide, we will elucidate the concept of a PUK code, elucidate how to obtain one through straightforward methods, and outline which networks mandate a PUK code for phone unlocking. Furthermore, we’ll differentiate between a PUK and a PAC (portability authorization code).

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What is a PUK code and how does it contrast with a PAC code?

A PUK (Personal Unlocking Key), sometimes referred to as a network unlock code (NUC) or personal unlock code (PUC), is a distinct eight-digit combination that should be provided by your mobile network. This PUK code becomes necessary when you wish to unlock your phone, especially if it is locked by your current network and you intend to use a SIM card from another provider.

You’ll also require a PUK code if you mistakenly input the incorrect PIN and find your SIM card automatically locked. Depending on your network provider, you may be permitted up to three or ten unsuccessful attempts before your phone is locked, at which point the PUK code is required for unlocking and resuming phone usage.

A PAC (Porting Authorization Code) differs significantly from a PUK. Like the PUK, a PAC code consists of a unique sequence of numbers, but its purpose is distinct. A PAC code comes into play when you want to transfer your existing mobile number to a different network.

What is a PUK code and where to find it? / Photo: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/get-puk-code-sim-card/
What is a PUK code and where to find it? / Photo: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/get-puk-code-sim-card/

How to Obtain a PUK Code?

Do you recall the plastic tray or packaging that housed your SIM card when you initially purchased it? If you’ve preserved it carefully, you can find your PUK code inscribed on that tray.

For those who may not have kept the packaging, the alternative is to obtain the PUK code directly from your network provider.

Acquiring a PUK from Your Network Provider

As of December 2021, network providers are prohibited from selling locked phones, in accordance with the established rules. This implies that if you purchased your phone from your network after that date, there’s no need to concern yourself with obtaining a PUK code from your network.

Even prior to this regulation, numerous networks had already ceased selling locked phones, although some exceptions persisted. Therefore, if you own a phone from one of these operators that was released in 2021 or earlier, it may still be necessary to contact them to procure a PUK code.

Typically, this can be achieved by logging into your operator’s account, visiting their website and filling out a designated form, or contacting the operator’s hotline.

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